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Waitlist - how it works

  1. Waitlist Application:

    • Please fill out our simple waitlist application form below. This will provide us with essential information about your preferences for a furry companion.

  2. Confirmation:

    • After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your place on the waitlist.

  3. Regular Updates by Email:

    • We will keep you informed about upcoming litters, available kittens, and any changes in the status of the waitlist. This ensures you are always up to date.

  4. Selection Process:

    • When a litter is ready, we will share details, including adorable photos and personality traits of the kittens. You will then have the opportunity to confirm your interest within a specified timeframe.

  5. Reservation Deposit:

    • Upon confirmation of your interest, we kindly request a deposit to secure your kitten reservation. This deposit helps us ensure serious inquiries and commitment from potential cat parents.

  6. Final Steps:

    • Once the reservation is secured, we will finalize the adoption process with you, including contracts, and arrangements for bringing your new furry family member home.

Thank you for your interest in our cherished Apokalypt cats.  To ensure a fair and organized process for all, we have established a waitlist system for our upcoming litters.

We are committed to finding loving and caring homes for our beloved cats, and we believe this waitlist system will help us achieve that goal in an organized and fair manner.

Thank you for considering an Apokalypt cat to join your family!  We will keep you updated via email.


If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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