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Hello, I'm Alexandra



I specialize in breeding Devon Rex cats in Whangarei, New Zealand, with a focus on their health, show quality conformation, and the traits that make this breed truly exceptional.

My cats are cherished members of the family, raised in the comfort of my rural home with dedicated care and attention to their well-being. They enjoy a loving indoor environment, where they are kept safe, happy, and healthy.

Every aspect of their care is tended to, from their nutrition to their socialization. Their living spaces are enriched with toys, climbing structures, and cozy spots for relaxation.

In addition to my breeding endeavors, I am committed to mentoring other breeders who share my love for Devon Rex cats. As the SPCA Animal Welfare Liaison Officer for NZCF, I assist in guiding and supporting fellow enthusiasts in upholding the highest standards of care for our felines.

Devon Rex cats are renowned for their soft, curly coats, playful personalities, and unwavering affection for their human companions. I take pride in preserving these wonderful qualities in each kitten within my breeding program.

Join me on this rewarding journey through the world of Devon Rex breeding, where each cat embodies the breed's unique charm, intelligence, and loving nature.

Prefix details

Apokalypt became a New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF) registered prefix in May 2021. 


The NZCF is the largest and most recognised registration body for pedigree cats in New Zealand.  This registrar is world accredited and enables pedigree transfers of breeding cats internationally.


The NZCF's objective is "to promote the best practices for the breeding of registered pedigree cats while supporting quality care of all cats in New Zealand".

'Apokalypt' is a revamp of the name of our property.  Apocalypse Gardens is our ten acre lifestyle block which we have planted up in lush subtropicals with many varieties of fruit. 

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