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About the breeder


My name is Alexandra.

I am an ambitious person who has discovered the magical and challenging world of pedigree cat breeding.   

My goal is to have the best standard of conformation and health of devon rex cats in New Zealand. 


I am respectful of the history and genetics which goes with these cats and  also the time, effort and expense of a such a hobby.


The New Zealand Cat Fancy is the largest and most recognised registration body for pedigree cats in New Zealand.  This registrar is world accredited and enables pedigree transfers of breeding cats internationally. 

I volunteer  to the Fancy as the Governance Documents Officer (2022 -).  The NZCF's objective is "to promote the best practices for the breeding of registered pedigree cats while supporting quality care of all cats in New Zealand".



My animal loving nature has been with me my whole life.  I am a long term lovers of cats as pets and have always previously kept domestic companions.  

Since building our home in rural Northland, I have had the opportunity to breed a number of poultry species.  This is where I first encountered the world of showing and breed improvement.  Birds however, don't quite have the same effect as pets inside the home.

With this in mind, I started to investigate whether it would be possible for me to breed cats.  One thing I knew already was which breed they would be.

The first time I saw a Devon Rex was Aleister of Dita Von Teese and he never left my mind as the ideal cat.  The curly coat and pixie like features drew me in, and further research on the personality - described as energetic,  mischevious and dog like - sealed the deal.   My devons personalities are so much better than I'd hoped and I am convinced they will take over the world




I live in Whakapara, Northland.  1 hour south of Kerikeri, 20 mins north of Whangarei, 2.5 hours north of Auckland.

Apokalypt became a NZCF registered prefix in May 2021.

'Apokalypt' is a revamp of the name of our property.  Apocalypse Gardens is our ten acre lifestyle block which we have planted up in lush subtropicals with many varieties of fruit. 


Another passion - another website!  You can find more about that on the Facebook or Instagram page.

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