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Whose got babies?

Updated: 14 April 2024

Kia ora.  We have plenty of feet on the ground here, with four litters born.  These kittens are outstandingly beautiful, we couldn't be more pleased.  We have tabbies (a first here at Apokalypt), cream, lilacs, blacks, torties and pure white kittens.   The waitlist is growing and the new system seems to be working well.  The mums are doing great, Magic and Ophelia are co-parenting while Mocha and Ryder's are still very small.   The young lads and gals are comfortably positioned for the cooler temperatures coming. We encourage those interested to reach out and secure a kitten in time for winter!  There will be a break after this season.
Cheers, Alex.


Is it your time for a Devon Rex?

Apokalypt cats are available to loving homes worldwide. As registered breeders, our cats are cherished members of our household.

Our kittens join your family at the age of 12-14 weeks and come with a comprehensive package:

  • A contract ensuring protection against inherited diseases for one year.

  • Two vaccinations for optimal defense against common viruses.

  • Desexing for proven health benefits throughout your cat's life.

  • Microchipping, including registration with the Animal Companion Register.

  • Guaranteed socialization, ensuring your new companion arrives with confidence.

  • Full pedigree registration and ownership transfer with NZCF, detailing your cat's generational bloodlines.

  • A thoughtful kitten pack, featuring familiar food, toys, and vet resources.

  • Complimentary starter insurance with PD® Pet Insurance NZ.

For those not local, domestic flights can be arranged through AirNZ. Rates are $300 for North Island and $400 for South Island, inclusive of a Brooklands airline-approved crate. We do not utilize pet buses, prioritizing the comfort and safety of your furry friend.


Waiting for your kitten?

Click here for information on kitten care!

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