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Kitten care

Are you ready for your life to change? You are about to be entirely ruled by your love for your new kitten.  Beware, you won’t want another cat breed after devons. 


You will be supplied with the food that they are used to.  Don’t feel worried if it takes a day or two for your kitten to start eating properly.  Just monitor hydration and ensure everything is fresh and accessible.  


Your kitten has been eating:

  • Raw beef (equivalent to Jimbos at supermarket)

  • Black hawk chicken and rice kitten biscuits ( or pet stores)

You don't have to continue this, but if you find your kitten is off their food, try and go back to what they are used to and phase out slowly.  



Your kitten has had access to a fresh water bowl and fountain.  Devons tend to drink quite a bit of water, more than you’d think.  Placement of water should be separate to food, as instinctually cats do not drink from water where their prey is located.  Keep in mind that fountains need regular cleaning and filters changed. 



Your kitten has been using two type of litter: 

Nature's Flame Wood Fire Pellets

Found at Mitre10, this crumbles when wet, is very odour friendly and the most economical litter.  Used with the Cat Litter Tray High Sides from Kmart, you can simply shake the pan to remove the spent litter, and then scoop the poop, works very well. 

Can be found here.


Trouble & Trix Natural Pellet Cat Litter

Some kittens don’t like the wood pellets.  If you find your kitten is going to the toilet outside of the litter box, I would recommend switching to the tofu litter type pellets and/or improving litter box hygiene (clean twice a day).   Can be found here.


If you have a female kitten, please continue to monitor her tummy wound which you will notice a slight bump.  Vets claim that problems after desexing are rare but unfortunately I have found it to happen.  Devons are such active cats who don’t let anything hold them back.  Male kittens are very easy to care for following neutering.  



Devons are easy sleepers, preferring the bed and/or any other soft fluffy enticing nooks.  Devons will often find the only sun spot in the house and sleep there.  If your kitten is light coloured or white especially on the ears and nose, you will need to monitor their sun time as they can get sunburnt.  Use pet sunscreen (horse powder is the best) if they will tolerate it. 



Some houseplants are poisonous to cats.  If you have a houseplant which is accessible to your new kitten, google whether it is cat safe.  Flowers like xmas lilies are deadly if ingested by cats.  My cats love cat grass, which is essentially any wheat/oat/grain grass grown especially so they can chew on it, lay on it and puke it up on occasion!  Enjoy the fun.


Other pets

Take your time introducing other pets.  It is always good practice to quarantine your new animal for at least 72 hours.  This will help in many ways, but even so the new smells are absorbed by each pet and they can prepare themselves for newness!  


Most importantly, disease is spread when animals are stressed.  It is common for cats to be carriers of previous respiratory viruses, regardless if pedigree or rescue.  These ‘outbreaks’ can arise following a stressful event, like a new pet introduced to the home.  


Go slowly and keep everyone happy to reduce the likelihood of a downturn.


Facebook Group

We have a facebook group for our at home moments called “Apokalypt Devon Rex - At Home”.  You will be invited to join and please do!  We would love to see your updates, questions and sharing any news as it comes up. 

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